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Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to channel your creativity and expression - and we're here to help!

Our lives are all about the journeys we take, what we learn, the memories 
and friends we make along the way.

I live in Frederick, MD with my two sons, Warren and Darren. My Scrapbooking experience began in the year 1999, when my youngest son, Darren, was born. I fell in love with it then and it has been a passion that's never ended.

In 2002, I joined Creative Memories, a direct sales scrapbooking company. In the three years I had been scrapbooking before joining that company, I found scrapbooking a wonderful way to express myself. It was a place to funnel my creativity and sometimes a therapy where I often shared my trials and my triumphs of life through my pictures and memories. I wanted to 
share that experience with others. At first it was my friends and family, but it has expanded into a newer, greater horizon and I look at everyone I touch as a potential person who could experience this awesome joy.

In the beginning, my direct sales business was a part-time endeavor while I worked a full-time job in retail. Now, my Scrapbooking Business is my career and I do full-time to help support my family and I LOVE what I do.  I have also ventured into the organizational and trendy bag business of Thirty One, which is a nice complement to scrapbook lovers. 

The joy of meeting new people, making friends with my customers, sharing their stories,
sharing mine, and of course... 
scrapbooking, cannot compare with any other job!

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